Definition of mesocephaly in English:


Pronunciation /-ˈsefəlē/



See mesocephalic

‘All this says is Greeks are a composite people whose mesocephaly averages out and masks the varied heritage.’
  • ‘Perhaps in the tall stature and high mesocephaly of the Don country there is also some trace of the Scythians.’
  • ‘Thus within the Bulgarian people there is a strong tendency toward dolichocephaly, strong enough to impress mesocephaly upon the nation as a whole.’
  • ‘The crania as a whole are of moderate size; mesocephaly seems to have been the prevailing head form.’
  • ‘What is very noteworthy, however, in this region is the marked mesocephaly, which in a brachycephalic environment like this points to the admixture of a dolichocephalic race.’