Definition of mesokurtic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmezəˈkərtik/ /ˌmɛzəˈkərtɪk/


  • (of a frequency distribution or its graphical representation) having the same kurtosis as the normal distribution.

    Compare with leptokurtic, platykurtic

    ‘Using the formula provided in many other textbooks mesokurtic data will return a kurtosis of 3.0’
    • ‘More descriptively, platykurtic curves tend to be elongated and flat, leptokurtic appear taller and narrow, and mesokurtic curves tend to be bell-shaped like the normal curve.’
    • ‘The mesokurtic distribution for Section C falls in-between these two extremes, showing both a moderate tendency to cluster and a moderate tendency to disperse.’
    • ‘Values of 2 standard errors of kurtosis or more (regardless of sign) probably differ from mesokurtic to a significant degree.’
    • ‘If more flat-topped I term them platykurtic, if less flat-topped leptokurtic, and if equally flat-topped mesokurtic’.’


Early 20th century from meso- ‘middle’ + Greek kurtos ‘bulging’+ -ic.