Definition of mesophyll in English:



  • The inner tissue (parenchyma) of a leaf, containing many chloroplasts.

    ‘Thus, elements of the guard cell's response to stress are present in mesophyll and xylem parenchyma cells.’
    • ‘Inactivation of plastids in the leaf mesophyll, which normally contains the majority of chloroplasts would be the most easily identified.’
    • ‘Light dependence of zeaxanthin formation in hypocotyl and mesophyll chloroplasts of Arabidopsis seedlings’
    • ‘Leaf mesophyll is differentiated into palisade and spongy parenchyma, epidermis is already formed.’
    • ‘It should be interesting to find out where in the leaf this barrier is built up: gradually along the mesophyll or abruptly between xylem and mesophyll.’
    • ‘They also accumulate throughout the leaf in mesophyll tissue and in trichomes.’
    • ‘It was concluded that stomatal conductance is not directly determined by the photosynthetic capacity of guard cells or the leaf mesophyll.’
    • ‘Plastids of mesophyll cells from leaves of control or herbicide-treated plants grown at 20°C.’
    • ‘A single cell culture, based on protoplasts that were isolated from the leaf mesophyll of tobacco, was used.’
    • ‘They are stored in vacuoles of a specialized leaf tissue, the paraveinal mesophyll.’
    • ‘Cytoplasm of the leaf mesophyll of a D. antarctica plant growing in a wet, fertile habitat on the seashore.’
    • ‘Stromules tend to be relatively rare in cell types such as mesophyll or guard cells that contain large chloroplasts.’
    • ‘By such thickening, mesophyll surface area per leaf area becomes greater in sun leaves than in shade leaves.’
    • ‘In addition, the magnitude of growth-associated is similar between xylem and mesophyll and between xylem and epidermis.’
    • ‘Messenger RNA was isolated from guard cells and mesophyll tissue as described previously and used as a template for RT-PCR.’
    • ‘In mesophyll cells, chloroplasts are dismantled in an early phase of senescence, while mitochondria remain functional.’
    • ‘The mesophyll with large vascular bundles resembles an I-beam construction connecting the adaxial and abaxial surfaces.’
    • ‘Leaves are composed of various kinds of tissues, including epidermis, mesophyll, bundle sheath, and vascular bundles.’
    • ‘All three transgenic lines presented a significant decrease in the mean size of both epidermal internode and leaf mesophyll cells.’
    • ‘As solar angle changes, individual mesophyll cells of the leaf may pass from full sunlight to shade within a second.’



/ˈmezəˌfil/ /ˈmɛzəˌfɪl/ /ˈmesəˌfil/ /ˈmɛsəˌfɪl/ /ˈmēzəˌfil/ /ˈmizəˌfɪl/


Mid 19th century from meso- ‘middle’ + Greek phullon ‘leaf’.