Definition of mesophyllic in English:




See mesophyll

‘In the mesophyllic digester, the reduction rate averaged 95%, and in the thermophilic digester, 99.8%.’
  • ‘A thermophilic chamber in the center of the tank is surrounded by the mesophyllic chamber to minimize and utilize conductive heat loss.’
  • ‘We have already noted earlier that the most mesophyllic species of this section is S. extremiorientalis Hara and, based on the structure of its callus, it is clearly related to Achnatherum.’
  • ‘Mexico's mesophyllic mountain forests are limited to mountainous regions where the vegetation is often covered by clouds.’
  • ‘Both standard fermentations at mesophyllic and extremophyllic cultures at extremes of temperature and pH are conducted routinely.’



/ˌmezəˈfilik/ /ˌmē-/