Definition of mesophyte in English:



  • A plant needing only a moderate amount of water.

    ‘According to these considerations, the factor of light appears as the first of many different environmental factors for the ecological plant sociology of mesophytes.’
    • ‘A higher mesophyll resistance in woody plants than in herbs, and in sclerophylls than in mesophytes, has been reported.’
    • ‘Consequently, cuticles of plant species adapted to dry conditions have, by one to two orders of magnitude, lower permeances for water than cuticles of mesophytes from more humid climates.’
    • ‘The values measured lie within the mainstream range for bryophytes of similar habitats and of vascular mesophytes.’
    • ‘Interestingly, unlike mesophytes, none of the hydrophytes showed ability to accumulate proline.’



/ˈmezəfīt/ /ˈmɛzəfaɪt/