Definition of mesophytic in English:




See mesophyte

‘Exodermis with Casparian bands was found in roots of hydrophytic, mesophytic and xerophytic species and in members of primitive as well as advanced families.’
  • ‘In epiphytes known values of are high even compared to mesophytic terrestrial plants.’
  • ‘It is a shade tolerant, late successional, mesophytic tree species associated with at least 20 forest cover types in North America.’
  • ‘In the vast majority of plant species, it is not possible to remove the epidermis intact, confining direct measurement of epidermal transmission largely to mesophytic plants.’
  • ‘Several other typical mesophytic forest species, both shade-intolerant and shade-tolerant, have declined, perhaps due to an absence of large-scale disturbance needed for their regeneration.’



/ˌmezəˈfitik/ /ˌmē-/