Definition of mesosphere in English:



  • The region of the earth's atmosphere above the stratosphere and below the thermosphere, between about 30 and 50 miles (50 and 80 km) in altitude.

    ‘If the layers are characterized by the rate at which temperature changes with height, then the atmosphere is split into four layers: the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, and thermosphere.’
    • ‘Nacreous and Noctilucent clouds form not in the part of the atmosphere in which we live, but much higher up, in the stratosphere and mesosphere.’
    • ‘They will also be able to find out more about the complex waves, tides and other mechanisms that link this region - known as the mesosphere - to the lower regions of the atmosphere.’
    • ‘The best strategic course for the U.S. is to initiate a process that would affirm the use of space as a global commons where all guns are checked at the border of the mesosphere, 50 miles up.’
    • ‘He looked up, as the light grey mesosphere melted away, revealing the inky blackness of space beyond.’



/ˈmezəˌsfir/ /ˈmɛzəˌsfɪr/ /ˈmēzəˌsfir/ /ˈmizəˌsfɪr/