Definition of mesospheric in English:



See mesosphere

‘The best viewing conditions are at middle latitudes near the summer solstice, when the mesospheric temperatures reach their lowest values and the twilight hours are at their longest.’
  • ‘Oscillations of 2 to 3 days period are found in February and March in the mesospheric emissions.’
  • ‘Given these evidences, we contend that there is a direct influence of ablating meteoroids on the topside of the mesospheric metal layer.’
  • ‘Thermal profile information to an altitude of ~ 40 ~ km is recorded in the shape of the tropospheric line; mesospheric temperatures at ~ 60-80 ~ km are recorded by the Doppler width of the emission feature.’
  • ‘Polar mesospheric clouds are thin layers of nanometer-sized ice particles that occur at altitudes between 82 and 87 kilometers in the high-latitude summer.’



/ˌmezəˈsfi(ə)rik/ /ˌmē-/