Main definitions of mesquite in English

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  • A spiny tree or shrub of the pea family, native to arid regions of southwestern US and Mexico. It yields useful timber, tanbark, medicinal products, and edible pods. The timber is used for fencing and flooring, and burned in barbecues as flavoring.

    Genus Prosopis, family Leguminosae: several species, in particular P. glandulosa

    ‘This kind of symbiosis, incidentally, is also found in leguminous or pod forming plants - including peas and beans, wisteria vines, acacia, mesquite, and coral trees.’
    • ‘Juniper trees are common throughout the canyon as well as mesquite, cottonwood, salt cedar, willow, western soapberry and hackberry.’
    • ‘In summer months they eat cacti, sagebrush, mesquite, alfalfa, clover, other grasses, and herbaceous vegetation.’
    • ‘Many species of ‘plains game’ and dangerous game in Africa are hunted amid thick cover similar to the mesquite brush and scrub oak common across Texas.’
    • ‘Plants that grow along the stream banks include alder, Fremont cottonwood, sycamore, honey mesquite, and Goodding willow.’
    • ‘At the end of the job, I bought a twelve-pack of Tecate and some limes and we sat together, one last time, under a mesquite tree drinking beer and waiting for the relative cool of the evening.’
    • ‘I have no idea what if anything was ever done with the structure or if it's still sitting there on the corner under the mesquite trees.’
    • ‘We are rich with saguaros, prickly pear, and cholla cacti, and palo verde, and mesquite trees.’
    • ‘In reality there's nothing in that space but a view of a mesquite tree on the empty lot behind the motel grounds.’
    • ‘It seemed to be an expanse of crispy brown grass, scattered with a few mesquite trees.’
    • ‘Morrish has a crisp, clean architectural style that can make mesquite trees and shrubs look majestic simply by scattering some gleaming white bunkers around them.’
    • ‘Covered with scrub, native mesquite trees and low wild grasses, the desert site slopes gently down to the south.’
    • ‘Extending into The Gila the Chihuahuan and Sonoran deserts offer the desert element complete with yucca, mesquite, cactus, lizards, snakes, scorpions and the venomous Gila Monster.’
    • ‘A canopy of hickory, oak and mesquite shrouded the barn and the muddy red clay, pinpointing where the pork, chicken and beef were becoming prize-winning barbecue.’
    • ‘And the smell of the Mojave after a drenching rain is an unforgettable pleasure, a scent flush with the pungent odor of creosote bush, mesquite, and sand verbena.’
    • ‘a bean from the plant Prosopis juliflora, which is a shrub related to mesquite and which grows in the south-western USA.’
    • ‘Organ Pipe is quintessential Sonoran Desert terrain, a landscape of cactus and creosote bush interspersed with jagged mountains and laced with thickets of mesquite, ironwood, and palo verde trees.’
    • ‘The mesquite, teriyaki, or herb sauces come in a bag big enough to let you marinate as much as three pounds of meat.’
    • ‘Each and every time he parked and disappeared into the dense mesquites with bow and arrow, however, one of them would move the pickup.’
    • ‘A hint of seasonal cool is in the dawn, and the round sunsets over the mesquites are the essence of serious dove hunting in Texas.’



/məˈskēt/ /məˈskit/


Mid 18th century from Mexican Spanish mezquite.

Main definitions of Mesquite in English

: mesquite1Mesquite2


proper noun

  • A city in northeastern Texas, east of Dallas; population 132,123 (est. 2008).



/məˈskēt/ /məˈskit/