Definition of mess with in English:

mess with

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phrasal verb

  • Meddle or interfere with so as to spoil or cause trouble.

    • ‘stop messing with things you don't understand’
    • ‘He would regret messing with me and interfering with the master's plans!’
    • ‘They all knew that Jordan still liked me, and no guy was going to mess with me if Jordan interfered.’
    • ‘If we're really serious about the nation's health then let's tackle the big issues first and stop messing with the small pleasures of many of our citizens.’
    • ‘But Glenda said he stopped messing with her then because he knew she'd call the law on him.’
    • ‘I want them all to stop messing with what is left of the natural world.’
    • ‘Maybe that would teach her a lesson to stop messing with me.’
    • ‘Thousands of angry country residents twice marched on London to warn ministers not to mess with their right to hunt.’
    • ‘It's what you get when gamers stop blasting aliens for a second and start messing with the narrative.’
    • ‘Stop drinking alcohol and coffee - they mess with your brain chemicals.’
    • ‘You can't mess with these tides, nothing can slow, stop or control them.’
    interfere, butt in, intrude, intervene, interlope, pry, poke, nose, busybody, interpose, obtrude, thrust