Definition of messenger RNA in English:

messenger RNA

(also mRNA)

Pronunciation /ˈˌmesnjər ˌär ˌen ˈā/ /ˈˌmɛsndʒər ˌɑr ˌɛn ˈeɪ/


  • The form of RNA in which genetic information transcribed from DNA as a sequence of bases is transferred to a ribosome.

    ‘The researchers then produced from the DNA sequences the corresponding messenger RNA (mRNA).’
    • ‘This conclusion was reached prior to the discovery of messenger RNA, transfer RNA, or the mechanism of translation.’
    • ‘Gene expression in all organisms comprises the transcription of a certain gene on the DNA into messenger RNA through RNA polymerase starting from the promoter site, and its subsequent translation into a protein.’
    • ‘RNA polymerase processes along the DNA, transcribing the DNA into messenger RNA (mRNA).’
    • ‘It is difficult to identify a gene from a genomic sequence unless a messenger RNA from of the gene has been previously isolated, according to Fannon.’
    • ‘So-called messenger RNA carries the genetic information from the DNA in the nucleus of the cell to the surrounding cytoplasm, where it ‘instructs’ the ribosome to produce life-giving proteins.’
    • ‘The system relies on short DNA sequences in bacterial messenger RNA that bind selectively to a specific small molecule.’
    • ‘In RNA editing, specific nucleotides within the sequences of messenger RNA transcripts are modified during or after splicing.’
    • ‘Complementary DNA was made from messenger RNA using reverse transcription with a polydT primer.’
    • ‘Exons were assigned by comparison of messenger RNA and genomic sequences.’
    • ‘This is where the cell decides which genes are to be transcribed into messenger RNA, which then serves as an instruction to make proteins.’
    • ‘Precocious foragers-bees stimulated to forage early-also have significantly higher brain levels of the gene's messenger RNA and four-fold higher levels of the enzyme.’
    • ‘We extracted poly-A tailed messenger RNA separately from the planarian head portion and the body portions.’
    • ‘After genetic information from DNA is transferred to messenger RNA, the mRNA data is transferred to the protein during what is called translation.’
    • ‘Many were either in untranslated regions of the gene's messenger RNA transcript or in regions that are spliced out before the message is translated into protein.’
    • ‘These stages include transcription, posttranscriptional processing, translation, and messenger RNA degradation.’
    • ‘The transcriptional and translational silencing of pseudogenes would add to the tagging system mediated by transfer and messenger RNA.’
    • ‘This method generates quantitative estimates of the abundance of short sequence tags from messenger RNA.’
    • ‘This rate closely matches the rate at which ribosomes translate along an mRNA sequence.’
    • ‘One way to measure gene expression is to measure levels of messenger RNA - that's RNA that translates the genetic information of DNA into proteins.’