Definition of mestiza in English:



  • (in Latin America) a woman of mixed race, especially one having indigenous and Spanish descent.

    ‘The new ‘woman’ is racially and sexually mestiza.’
    • ‘In a country where most identify themselves as mestiza, Mexico's anti-globalization movement draws much of its energy from indigenous communities.’
    • ‘While leading her protagonist down the traditional woman-and-motherhood path, Rosa reveals the pressures and punishments of a materialistic society on the formerly rural, poor, mestiza woman.’
    • ‘Whereas the Zapatista women were all from rural, indigenous communities, the women from civil society made up a more diverse group: indigenous and mestiza women, urban and rural women, poor and middle class women.’
    • ‘She was half Indian and half Spanish, what we call mestiza, and we had never seen a Virgin like that before.’



/məˈstēzə/ /məˈstizə/


Spanish, feminine of mestizo (see mestizo).