Definition of Met in English:


Pronunciation /met/ /mɛt/

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informal the Met
  • 1The Metropolitan Opera House in New York City.

  • 2The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

    • ‘With February's biting winds sweeping down the Manhattan avenues, she transfers the idea to the grande dame of New York's museums, the Met.’
    • ‘The Met is one of the world's most inclusive great museums.’
    • ‘His elegant voice is familiar to many who have visited the Met and have used the museum's audio guides.’
    • ‘The site uses proprietary algorithms to weight shows by venue and participants; where a show is held—whether in a small museum or at the Met—counts for a lot.’
    • ‘That piece never made it to the Met, according to a museum spokeswoman, and historians say it is still in private hands.’
    • ‘Some of these panels are now in the collections of other museums, like the Met in New York.’
    • ‘Among American museums, the Met is probably the only one that could attempt as comprehensive a survey as that attempted in'Designing Nature'.’
    • ‘His generosity to the Met had not been soured by a failed attempt in the mid-1970s to establish a fine-arts education center at the museum.’
    • ‘At the Met was a classic de Montebello exhibit.’
    • ‘Many museums, including the Met, have returned artifacts stolen or looted to their rightful owners.’