Definición de meta- en Inglés


(also met-)

Pronunciación /ˌmetə/ /ˌmɛtə/

  • 1Denoting a change of position or condition.

    • ‘metathesis’
  • 2Denoting position behind, after, or beyond.

    • ‘metacarpus’
  • 3Denoting something of a higher or second-order kind.

    • ‘metonym’
  • 4Química
    Denoting substitution at two carbon atoms separated by one other in a benzene ring, e.g. in 1,3 positions.

    Compare with ortho- and para-

    • ‘metadichlorobenzene’
  • 5Química
    Denoting a compound formed by dehydration.

    • ‘metaphosphoric acid’


From Greek meta ‘with, across, or after’.