Definition of metabolome in English:



  • The total number of metabolites present within an organism, cell, or tissue.

    ‘water composition had a significant effect on the fish liver metabolome’
    • ‘Interestingly, similar trends as those shown in Fig.1 were also observed in the metabolome.’
    • ‘As another approach to integrate transcriptome and metabolome, data are mapped on known metabolic pathways.’
    • ‘Therefore, the metabolite composition of a cell or organism, the metabolome, is linked to the transcriptome and to the physiological state of the plant.’
    • ‘Amino acid analysis and metabolome studies of the mutants are now in progress.’
    • ‘I've spent the past three days at the conference, among folks who are wrestling not only with the genome, but also with the proteome, the transcriptome, the reactome, and the metabolome.’



/məˈtabəˌlōm/ /məˈtæbəˌloʊm/


1990s blend of metabolism and genome.