Definition of metalhead in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmedlˌhed/ /ˈmɛdlˌhɛd/


  • A fan or performer of heavy metal music.

    • ‘their supercharged rock'n'roll appealed to punks and metalheads alike’
    • ‘The band proved too heavy for all but the most adventurous indie rockers and far too weird for the average metalhead.’
    • ‘But Jamie grew up on the blues, and Corey is a bit of a metalhead, so we're teaching him a bit about punk.’
    • ‘Of course, as a self-proclaimed metalhead himself, Dunn has created an unabashedly one-sided documentary in favor of his musical passion.’
    • ‘She strutted around the stage and shook her hair like a seasoned metalhead, looking like she'd played to arenas and stadiums for years.’
    • ‘I like to skateboard and am a total metalhead.’
    • ‘You all know that I'm first and foremost a punk and metalhead, but being a deeply eclectic type I also love reggae and ska.’
    • ‘With him, as always, is Garth, a nerdy fellow metalhead with even simpler goals: to avoid the discomfort he feels in so many social situations.’
    • ‘He claims to be a true metalhead.’
    • ‘Lefty, who knew you were such a metalhead?’
    • ‘I dare any metalhead worthy of the name not to want to join the mosh pit after witnessing them.’
    • ‘Usually when you met a girl who was into this music too, it turned out she was already going out … with a metalhead.’
    • ‘Ottawa isn't known for its headbangers, but it seemed that every metalhead in the city turned out for this show.’
    • ‘I'm a former '80s metalhead/horror fan who had never heard of this movie before now.’
    • ‘I'm a closet metalhead.’
    • ‘"Did you see that long-haired metalhead?"’
    • ‘The noise they make is a screeching mess of distorted guitars, a bass so loud the walls are almost shaking, and vocals best described as screaming like a demented metalhead trying to get a week off work by self-inflicted laryngitis.’
    • ‘Any self-respecting metalhead should have this album, or be in the process of acquiring a copy.’
    • ‘I am, however, afraid of getting into a mosh pit with a horde of metalheads.’
    • ‘For clubbers, indie kids and metalheads, the choice is dire.’
    • ‘It was bliss for the metalheads and eye-opening for anyone else.’