Definition of metallogenic in English:


Pronunciation /məˌtaləˈjenik/ /məˌtæləˈdʒɛnɪk/


  • Relating to the formation or occurrence of deposits of metals or their ores.

    ‘metallogenic maps of Ecuador’
    • ‘a rich metallogenic province’
    • ‘The importance of the Iberian Pyrite Belt as a world-class massive sulphide province extends this work to other metallogenic provinces where massive sulphide deposits occur associated with reduced sedimentary rocks.’
    • ‘Such regions delineate metallogenic provinces, which represent restricted areas of the crust where geological processes were suitable for the concentration of metals to form a group of ore deposits of a similar type.’
    • ‘Gold deposition was the most productive during the course of the Hercynian and Kimmerian metallogenic epochs and the Mezo-Cenozoic activation stage.’
    • ‘The Yaogangxian, Shizhuyuan, and Huangshaping deposits are an integral part of the important Nanling nonferrous metallogenic zone, an area long known as the richest tungsten province in the world.’
    • ‘The Nanling nonferrous metallogenic zone of southern Hunan is situated at the junction of the Cathaysian fold belt and the Jiangxi-Hunan-Guangxi-Guangdong fold belt of the South-China fold system.’