Definition of metalloid in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmedlˌoid/ /ˈmɛdlˌɔɪd/


  • An element (e.g. arsenic, antimony, or tin) whose properties are intermediate between those of metals and solid nonmetals or semiconductors.

    ‘Another group of elements - the metalloid or semi-metal elements - share some properties with the metals and some with the nonmetals.’
    • ‘As its two allotropic forms might suggest, silicon is a metalloid.’
    • ‘Separating them are metalloids or semimetals.’
    • ‘Chemically, elements can be classified as metals, metalloids, or non-metals based, in part, upon these physical properties.’
    • ‘Inasmuch as chemical properties determine toxicological properties, metalloids should not be considered as a subset of metals but as a subset of nonmetals.’