Definition of metamer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmedəmər/ /ˈmɛdəmər/


See metameric

‘While most vegetative metamers have short internodes, metamers that form at the end of the vegetative phase have elongated ones.’
  • ‘Although we did not monitor leaf loss, we did not find a differential influence of ozone on internode length and number of metamers, since both of these parameters changed in parallel to shoot length.’
  • ‘Finally, a linear relationship was established between the total number of extended metamers per branch in year 2 and the number of axillary annual shoots developed from these metamers in year 3.’
  • ‘Mean values for leaf volume, pith volume and the leaf volume: pith volume ratio for metamers located in different axis parts for individuals at different developmental stages’
  • ‘In the case of physical surfaces there are metamers, i.e objects with very different reflectance curves that have identical appearances of color.’