Definition of metamerism in English:


Pronunciation /məˈtaməˌrizəm/ /məˈtæməˌrɪzəm/


See metameric

‘On the other hand, we cannot rule out that full metamerism evolved as a progressively coordinated repetition of organs and intermediate situation can still exist in extant organisms.’
  • ‘Tagmosis can ultimately lead to the outright fusion of neighbouring segments and the loss of apparent metamerism, as seen for the arthropod head.’
  • ‘Most provocative of all the Ediacaran forms are those exhibiting real or apparent metamerism.’
  • ‘I especially liked the coverage of metamerism as it explains to the user why the perception of similar colors varies under different lighting conditions.’
  • ‘Whether this resemblance indicates a close relationship between monoplacophorans and phyla exhibiting true metamerism is an open question.’