Definition of metamorphism in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmedəˈmôrfizəm/ /ˌmɛdəˈmɔrfɪzəm/


  • Alteration of the composition or structure of a rock by heat, pressure, or other natural agency.

    ‘all the rocks were subjected to several phases of metamorphism and deformation’
    • ‘No such difference in the pressure or temperature of metamorphism in the country rock is detectable.’
    • ‘Baked contacts with host rocks indicate that metamorphism associated with intrusion predates shearing.’
    • ‘A striking characteristic of the Hellenides in the Aegean is the southward propagation of nappe emplacement and high - pressure metamorphism.’
    • ‘However, this age could equally relate to post obduction metamorphism.’
    • ‘Both thrust and normal faults initiated synchronously with Miocene prograde metamorphism and melting, and have moved episodically since then.’