Definition of metaphorical in English:


(also metaphoric)

Pronunciation /ˌmedəˈfôrik(ə)l/ /ˌmɛdəˈfɔrɪk(ə)l/

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  • Characteristic of or relating to metaphor; figurative.

    ‘many of our metaphorical expressions develop from our perceptions of the body’
    • ‘But is a call to metaphorical arms against an imaginary adversary counter-productive?’
    • ‘Salt's ability to preserve and sustain life has made it a metaphorical symbol in every religion.’
    • ‘All the proposed reasons given have been either metaphorical or analogous.’
    • ‘These anthropomorphic characterizations are not to be taken simply as figurative or metaphorical.’
    • ‘The metaphorical mist that has been fugging up my brain has disappeared, only to be replaced by real mist fugging up my windscreen.’
    figurative, allegorical, analogous, symbolic, emblematic
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