Definition of meteoritic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmēdēəˈridik/ /ˌmidiəˈrɪdɪk/


See meteorite

‘By examining the volatile content of meteoritic contaminants in the lunar regolith and of volatiles cold-trapped at the lunar poles, we can determine their chemical and isotopic composition and possible source regions.’
  • ‘Lunar and meteoritic rocks are older than terrestrial material, but they may have formed very recently indeed during the history of the Universe so are not useful in the cosmological setting’
  • ‘In this region they would have been safe from late meteoritic and cometary impacts after the accretion of the Earth.’
  • ‘It will be the first spacecraft to orbit a comet's nucleus, allowing its instruments to follow the development of the active areas that eject the meteoritic dust into space.’
  • ‘A monster meteorite that strikes the Earth can shoot fragments of itself, along with terrestrial matter loosened by the impact, far out into space, adding to the swarm of meteoritic grit that already orbits the Sun.’