Definition of meteorograph in English:



  • An apparatus that records several meteorological phenomena at the same time.

    ‘The advent of airplanes carrying meteorographs hastened the demise of kite observation stations.’
    • ‘In most cases, data collected with the meteorograph is recovered only when the instrument is jettisoned from the balloon or airplane carrying it.’
    • ‘However, the records of temperature and humidity could not be examined until the meteorograph had been recovered, and they were not therefore an immediate aid for forecasting.’
    • ‘The data could not be evaluated until after the observation was completed and the kite and meteorograph were brought back to the ground.’
    • ‘Free balloons carrying meteorographs came into use in the 1890s. After a predetermined time, the meteograph instrument package would be released and descend on a parachute.’



/ˌmēdēˈôrəɡraf/ /ˌmidiˈɔrəɡræf/


Late 18th century from French météorographe(see meteor, -graph).