Definition of methedrine in English:


(also Methedrine)

Pronunciation /ˈmeTHədrēn/ /ˈmɛθədrin/


another term for methamphetamine
‘In the NHSDA, stimulant use was defined as the nonmedical use of benzedrine, amphetamines, biphetamine, Dexamyl, Dexedrine, Fastin, Ionamin, methamphetamine, methedrine, Methylphenidate, or Preludin.’
  • ‘The agents also seized 65 kg of amphetamines and around 5kg of methedrine, the main ingredient in the manufacture of amphetamines, as well as manufacturing equipment with a market value of around NT $100 million.’
  • ‘Nevertheless, he was to remain fairly anonymous, financially impoverished, and addicted to methedrine for most of his life.’
  • ‘The entourage's drug of choice during the documented 1965 tour was methedrine.’
  • ‘He got into methedrine, somebody got murdered… it kind of got messy.’


1930s blend of methyl and Benzedrine.