Definition of methedrine in English:


(also Methedrine)

Pronunciation /ˈmeTHəˌdrēn/ /-drin/ /ˈmɛθədrin/


another term for methamphetamine
‘In the NHSDA, stimulant use was defined as the nonmedical use of benzedrine, amphetamines, biphetamine, Dexamyl, Dexedrine, Fastin, Ionamin, methamphetamine, methedrine, Methylphenidate, or Preludin.’
another term for methamphetamine
  • ‘The agents also seized 65 kg of amphetamines and around 5kg of methedrine, the main ingredient in the manufacture of amphetamines, as well as manufacturing equipment with a market value of around NT $100 million.’
  • ‘Nevertheless, he was to remain fairly anonymous, financially impoverished, and addicted to methedrine for most of his life.’
  • ‘The entourage's drug of choice during the documented 1965 tour was methedrine.’
  • ‘He got into methedrine, somebody got murdered… it kind of got messy.’


1930s blend of methyl and Benzedrine.



/ˈmeTHəˌdrēn/ /-drin/ /ˈmɛθədrin/