Definition of Methodistic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmeTHəˈdistik/


See Methodist

‘I qualified for blacklisting by Methodistic Wesleyans,’
  • ‘Prior was brought up as a Methodist, but while he was a student he came to consider Methodistic theology too unsystematic, and he became a Presbyterian.’
  • ‘Interpreters within the Methodistic holiness movement have tended to emphasize the distinctions between the Wesleyan and Oberlin doctrines of Christian perfection.’
  • ‘The Methodistic principles, with which he was slightly tinctured, instead of impelling him to extravagance, assimilated themselves to his orderly habits of thought and action.’
  • ‘There were three or four others, Methodistic in doctrine and discipline, who were recognized as eligible for the Ecumenical Methodist Conference.’