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  • Relating to the system of methods used in a particular area of study or activity.

    ‘a wide variety of methodological approaches to ethical problem-solving’
    • ‘the study suffered a number of methodological flaws’
    • ‘What philosophy was to provide was the means to substantive methodological self-reflection.’
    • ‘To me, the fatal flaw of this method is her decision not to write a major methodological chapter to introduce her study.’
    • ‘Here we come up against the counterpart of the methodological problem I identified earlier.’
    • ‘He then proceeds to dissect Heidegger's model of subjectivity according to three methodological phases.’
    • ‘Legitimizing their voices is a valuable part of the methodological framework within which we work.’
    • ‘Therefore there is a methodological purpose to the use of the ' documentary ' style.’
    • ‘The methodological centrality of suspicion to current critical practice has involved a concomitant privileging of the concept of paranoia.’
    • ‘Granted, the methodological procedures in our two exemplary shoe parables are very different.’
    • ‘The methodological capability of art historical science was triumphantly on display, with full confidence in its possibilities.’
    • ‘Our aim here is to create conditions that facilitate methodological inventiveness.’



/ˌmeTHədəˈläjəkəl/ /ˌmɛθədəˈlɑdʒəkəl/