Definition of meticulousness in English:



See meticulous

‘It took carefully meticulousness and they managed to maneuver themselves out of the Delta and into the walkway.’
  • ‘If there is a sense of exhaustion, however, it is tempered by the meticulousness of the presentation and the thoroughness of her pursuit of the seven themes.’
  • ‘Instead, notice the film's meticulousness in saying only ‘true’ or defensible things in support of a completely misleading impression.’
  • ‘We began to interview witnesses, and we were struck by the meticulousness of their recall.’
  • ‘And of course we will conveniently forget that we forced him to hurry his conclusions and abandon the meticulousness with which it is necessary to proceed when searching for the truth.’



/məˈtikyələsnəs/ /məˈtɪkjələsnəs/