Definition of metonymical in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmetəˈnimikəl/


See metonymy

‘There is a need, therefore, for animals used as farm background, similes, and metonymical suggestions.’
  • ‘At this point, however, Burke recognizes that the poet has a rhetorical aptitude that compensates for metonymical reduction with rhetorical inducement.’
  • ‘But people get all excited about metaphorical and metonymical changes, missing the crucial point, that in such non - head like cases, things really aren't what they once were.’
  • ‘The moment is doubly ironic, not just because Janie repeats the metonymical violence of the porch-sitters who comment on her dress and hair, but also because even her dress and hair could be said to not belong to her.’
  • ‘Language is, according to Lacan, a metonymical chain of signifiers; meaning is always-already veiled from the viewer.’