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treated as singular or plural
  • 1The use or study of poetic meters; prosody.

    ‘Being no scholar of metrics, I won't attempt to elaborate, but reading the longer poems I hear Pound more than anyone else.’
    • ‘An exercise in metrics takes you back to portraits of heroes in the whitewashed schoolroom and a language you couldn't yet quite understand.’
    • ‘Thus metrics is a way for Longinus to re-envision the art of speech.’
    • ‘It is a commentary on our times, that to us it seems if not odd, then certainly unexpected that a warrior and statesman should devote his attention to intricate questions of scansion and metrics.’
  • 2A method of measuring something, or the results obtained from this.

    • ‘the report provides various metrics at the class and method level’



/ˈmetriks/ /ˈmɛtrɪks/