Definition of metrosexuality in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌsekSHo͞oˈalitē/



See metrosexual

‘As with metrosexuality itself, my position is more a posture than it is a legitimate identity.’
  • ‘This nut of wisdom aside, all signs point to metrosexuality being the fever dream of marketing consultants looking for one last ultimate score - the huge sums of money to be made if men can be convinced to buy into the beauty myth.’
  • ‘These frat guys come in hipster clothing, with popped collars, enough metrosexuality to make their dads nervous, and decent enough taste in music.’
  • ‘The signs of metrosexuality include an interest in gay culture, an affection for shopping, and other habits usually associated with women.’
  • ‘There's a line between neatness and metrosexuality, which is a different thing entirely.’