Definition of mezuzah in English:


(also mezuza)

Pronunciation /məˈzo͝ozə/ /məˈzʊzə/

nounmezuzahs, mezuzas, mezuzot, mezuzoth

  • A parchment inscribed with religious texts and attached in a case to the doorpost of a Jewish house as a sign of faith.

    ‘When I first became interested in Judaism a few months back, I had planned on buying all my Jewish kit in Haifa - a kippah, mezuzahs, Chanukah menorah, dreidels, tallit, Seder plate, and lots of holy books to study from.’
    • ‘But every Jewish building has, of course, a tell-tale identifying sign: a mezuzah on the right-hand doorpost.’
    • ‘On the doorpost of every Jewish home rests a mezuzah.’
    • ‘In the portion of the Torah inscribed on the mezuzah, we read that one should converse in Torah while in the home, on the road, when one arises, and when one retires.’
    • ‘The Torah instructs us to put a mezuzah on our door post.’
    • ‘As we enter the house with the mezuzah on one side and the Chanukah menorah on the other, there is no mistaking the Jewish focus of the home.’
    • ‘We all filed out of the room, kissing the mezuzah on the doorpost as we left.’
    • ‘This six-pointed star, made of two interlocking triangles, can be found on mezuzahs, menorahs, tallis bags, and kipot.’
    • ‘Shema is contained in the mezuzah we affix to the doorpost of our home, and in the tefillin that we bind to our arm and head.’
    • ‘A mezuzah was affixed to the doorpost of the home.’
    • ‘Without the Oral Torah we wouldn't know about the mezuzah and countless other ways of day-to-day Judaism.’
    • ‘One example - out of many - is his discussion of the mezuzah, a small capsule attached to the doorposts of Jewish homes containing a piece of vellum with verses from the Book of Deuteronomy.’
    • ‘I told her then how a mezuzah, with the verses of the Shema handwritten on its parchment, protects one's home, and she nodded but didn't say anything more about it.’
    • ‘But if you open up a mezuzah and read what's inside, you'll see that God is one, that He is a personal God who cares about us, and that He does everything solely for our benefit.’
    • ‘So if God asks you to re-dispense 10 percent of your income to charity, or put a mezuzah on your door, how can you object?’
    • ‘Her new home is thus surrounded by the non-iconically rendered energies of the sacred prayers of Judaism, contained both in the mezuzah, and the prayer of the Prophet Elijah, written on the border.’
    • ‘If there is a God who can see inside mezuzahs, a God who burns people's houses for two smudged letters, then He must know that secret, too.’
    • ‘It's a place of risk, where demons lurk; it's where one hangs the mezuzah.’
    • ‘She wonders whether she should remove the mezuzah from her front door.’
    • ‘When I lived in Singapore, I was in a rented apartment, and tacked my mezuzah up on the doorframe.’


Mid 17th century from Hebrew mĕzūzāh ‘doorpost’.