Definición de mezza voce en inglés

mezza voce

Pronunciación /ˈˌmeCHə ˈvōˌCHā/ /ˈˌmɛtʃə ˈvoʊˌtʃeɪ/


  • (especially as a direction) using about half the singer's vocal power.

    • ‘at the end of the air, which he sang mezza voce, there were some signs of dissatisfaction’


  • Performed using about half the singer's vocal power.

    • ‘his mezza voce opening is well considered’


  • Singing performed mezza voce.

    ‘the sweet mezza voce of the “Hostias”’
    • ‘Pick items that are sedate rather than fleet-footed prestos and floated pieces at mezza voce rather than full-throttle.’
    • ‘Yet in reflective or melancholic fare, such as Brahms's Mondenschein and Lerchengesang, he found a caressing legato and an enchanting mezza voce.’
    • ‘At first, I thought his ‘Dalla sua pace’ was too aggressive, but when he reprises the aria's opening music, he sings it in a melting mezza voce, almost crooningly.’
    • ‘Hans Hotter does not need to raise his voice above a mezza voce; the terrifying menace of his presence leaves no doubt that he is the Grand Inquisitor, and that his is the ultimate authority.’
    • ‘The release of this pressure for the normal, vocally ‘clear’ attack (coup de glotte), or the mezza voce or ‘breath’ attack, requires precise timing of respiratory and laryngeal movements.’


Italian, literally ‘half voice’.