Definition of mic drop in English:

mic drop


(also mike drop)
  • 1mainly US informal An instance of deliberately dropping or tossing aside one's microphone at the end of a performance or speech one considers to have been particularly impressive.

    • ‘he ruffled some feathers with his acceptance speech and mic drop after winning the Best British Album award’
    • ‘the final track is the ultimate mic drop’
    • ‘That metallic thud you heard just now was a metaphorical mic drop reverberating from Glendale.’
    • ‘When the segment was over, Stewart pulled a microphone out from under his desk and did a "mic drop," a la a stand-up comic.’
    • ‘Hannah does an epic mic drop at GQ as Jessa swoops in to snag a dream job from Marnie.’
    • ‘He unleashed a torrent of classic West stage shenanigans, followed by the obligatory mic drop.’
    • ‘You deserved a mic drop after that Delmon Young comment.’
    • ‘Last night after his incredible series-ending buzzer-beater against Houston, Damian Lillard got the crowd in Portland going with the ultimate mic drop.’
    • ‘Most importantly, Bo Pelini did a sort of mic drop to close the media session, saying, "If they wanna fire me, they can go right ahead."’
    • ‘"So, whatever," he said, before executing a textbook mic drop and walking off.’
    • ‘That mic drop at the end of Phyllis' rant was probably one of the top-five greatest things I've ever heard in my life.’
    1. 1.1as exclamation Used to emphasize that a discussion is at an end after a definitive or particularly impressive point has been made.
      ‘Nuff said. Mic drop!’
      • ‘“This is what we're doing,” she tells him. Mic drop.’
      • ‘Must've been hard to judge in hell. Mic drop.’
      • ‘We even have her tagline ready: "I'm ready to go from stage-mom to center stage!" Mic drop.’
      • ‘"You know nothing, Jon Snow," she fires back at him before leaving the room. Mic drop!’
      • ‘Imagine my relief, and I imagined many of yours as well, when Iris strolled into S.T.A.R. and said, "Hi, Barry. Or should I say the Flash?" Mic drop.’
      • ‘Get real or get out. Mic drop.’
      • ‘Here's an educated, 500-word explanation of how you don't have your facts straight. Mic drop.’
      • ‘"You get that one song, you make your statement and you leave." (Mic drop.)’
      • ‘"I'm 35 years old and I ran around those guys like they were schoolyard kids." Mic drop.’
      • ‘Sig could've simply followed that quote with "Mic Drop!"’