Definition of mica schist in English:

mica schist


  • A metamorphic rock that contains quartz and mica and resembles slate in being easily split.

    ‘Corundum occurs as an accessory mineral in some metamorphic rocks, such as mica schist, gneiss, and crystalline limestone.’
    • ‘The slate, where thermally metamorphosed, has been turned into siliceous hornfels and mica schist.’
    • ‘The subsurface investigation indicated that there was a relatively thin layer of fill - between 5 and 12 ft thick and consisting of mica schist and schistose gneiss - overlying very competent rock.’
    • ‘Some of the migmatites have a remarkable fragmental texture, consisting of pebble - to boulder-sized fragments of graphitic mica schist in a cordierite granite matrix.’
    • ‘Further west, white and pale blue sapphires are found in mica schist enclosed by gray-brown granite near Sweetwater Station.’


mica schist

/ˈmīkə SHist/ /ˈmaɪkə ʃɪst/