Definition of micaceous in English:


Pronunciation /mīˈkāSHəs/ /maɪˈkeɪʃəs/


See mica

‘Some of the material contained micaceous masses of specular hematite associated with quartz, epidote, and numerous veinlets of calcite.’
  • ‘Impressive blades and masses of lustrous micaceous hematite occur in localized quartz veins, and reniform goethite is found in the walls.’
  • ‘I have always regarded specular hematite as a micaceous or platy form that would be very difficult to fashion into beads.’
  • ‘These crystals were abundant in a very micaceous pegmatitic rock composed of muscovite, albite, and quartz with accessory schorl crystals.’
  • ‘It is dominated at the exposure by angular quartzite clasts up to 40 cm long with subordinate, subroundcd sandy dolomite, angular micaceous siltstone and limestone clasts.’