Definition of Mickey Mouse in English:

Mickey Mouse

Pronunciation /ˌmikē ˈmous/ /ˌmɪki ˈmaʊs/

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proper noun

  • A Walt Disney cartoon character, who first appeared as Mortimer Mouse in 1927, becoming Mickey in 1928. During the 1930s he became established as the central Disney character.


  • Of inferior standard or quality.

    • ‘people think you're a Mickey Mouse outfit if you work from home’
    • ‘None of these polls is a Mickey Mouse poll - all are done by reputable polling companies and all with decent samples - Nielsen has 1400 people, Morgan 1300 and Newspoll 1700.’
    • ‘They will think that a Mickey Mouse court fouled up, and if they'd been in a US court they'd have seen justice done.’
    • ‘I got into a lot of trouble a few years ago for calling the health board a Mickey Mouse organisation.’
    • ‘This is not some Mickey Mouse project, it is a legitimate company with people working on it full time.’
    • ‘They are treating Leeds as if it is some Mickey Mouse branch line to a couple of locals sitting on a milk churn.’
    • ‘When Hendrick was appointed to coach Ireland's cricket team in 1996, many wondered why a former England internationalist wanted to be involved with such a Mickey Mouse team.’
    • ‘He refused, and under pressure announced a Mickey Mouse substitute which gives NT police the discretion whether or not to charge a minor for a first offence.’
    • ‘Forget the marathon when a legal case of Bleak House longevity breaks out over who came third in the underwater shot put of some Mickey Mouse event the rest of us couldn't work up a sweat about.’
    • ‘I think why waste a trip to go over there and treat it like a Mickey Mouse game.’
    • ‘I was studying for a Mickey Mouse degree: Theatre and Music.’
    • ‘If we finished at the bottom of the medals table we'd be seen as a Mickey Mouse nation.’
    • ‘It seems fair to say that Leeds-Bradford remains a Mickey Mouse airport compared to the newer Liverpool Airport.’
    • ‘The Commissioner must understand that this is serious business and not any Mickey Mouse story.’
    • ‘They saw nothing of Scottish football, so they thought I had disappeared to a Mickey Mouse league.’
    • ‘And the birth of a tournament many male scribes described as a Mickey Mouse event.’
    • ‘We do not want to make this funeral a Mickey Mouse affair so we felt the extra days will give us enough time to make proper arrangements.’
    • ‘You're the most local, the clients live in West Kirby, and it's only a Mickey Mouse job so shouldn't tie you up for too long.’
    • ‘That is because community work under this Government is being run on a Mickey Mouse basis, where there is no accountability or responsibility whatsoever.’
    • ‘‘Let's not do it in a Mickey Mouse fashion which has been so much a part of fishery policies in this country in the past,’ he said.’
    • ‘And when you're working for a Mickey Mouse organization, it's a small budget, too.’
    inferior, second-rate, third-rate, gimcrack