Definition of microbial in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of a microorganism, especially a bacterium causing disease or fermentation.

    ‘skin is a major source of microbial contamination during a surgical procedure’
    • ‘microbial pathogens’
    • ‘Even good materials can have a negative effect on the soil by disrupting the microbial balance.’
    • ‘Most microbial degradation of pesticides occurs in the soil.’
    • ‘Intense microbial competition further retards regrowth of the pathogenic bacteria in the final product.’
    • ‘Beneficial microbial populations outcompete decay-causing microbes for nutrients at a critical early stage in the pathogens' development.’
    • ‘Microbial levels less than 10 colony-forming units per liter are acceptable.’
    • ‘It commands cells at the site of infection to kill themselves, which helps cordon off the microbial invader.’
    • ‘These restrictions help prevent certified organic products from coming into contact with microbial contaminants.’
    • ‘Research that improved microbial insecticide formulations also led to environmentally friendly chemical formulations.’
    • ‘This helps establish healthy microbial populations in the gut much quicker than would otherwise occur.’
    • ‘The containment facility is the largest research facility where we can work with whole plants in a microbial quarantine greenhouse.’



/mīˈkrōbēəl/ /maɪˈkroʊbiəl/