Definition of microblog in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmīkrōˌbläɡ/ /ˈmaɪkroʊˌblɑɡ/


  • A social media site to which a user makes short, frequent posts.

    ‘she announced her retirement on her microblog, bidding farewell to the sport’
    • ‘A blog or microblog could help gather information and build an audience prior to the presentation, while allowing for an expanded conversation after it is over.’
    • ‘Her initial post on the Twitter-like microblog Weibo was forwarded tens of thousands of times.’
    • ‘More and more bloggers are using microblogs as their primary publishing tool.’
    • ‘Bulletin boards and microblogs have been buzzing all day with chatter about Google's announcement.’
    • ‘News of the raid quickly spread on microblogs, partly fed by indignant postings from those who had been detained.’
    • ‘A passerby who saw the whole exchange then took a photo of the trio and uploaded it to his microblog.’
    • ‘Readers of your blog and microblogs learn more about who you are as a person, and as a researcher and professional.’
    • ‘Internet microblogs crackled with messages of support.’
    • ‘Economists are using automatic text analysis methods to evaluate thousands of daily Twitter microblog messages.’
    • ‘She immediately put the picture on her microblog.’
    • ‘Microblogs and other social media have given people the tools to discuss social issues and to organise.’
    • ‘Photos of her apparently lavish lifestyle on her microblog triggered suspicions that the organisation's funds had been misappropriated.’


Early 21st century from micro- + blog.