Definition of microchip in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmīkrōˌCHip/ /ˈmaɪkroʊˌtʃɪp/

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  • A tiny wafer of semiconducting material used to make an integrated circuit.

    ‘Nanowires fashioned into billions of transistors on a microchip could someday drive tiny, ultra-fast computers.’
    • ‘The worldwide market for silicon wafers and microchips has collapsed and the hi-tech chips which were to secure their future will instead be produced at NEC's Japanese plants.’
    • ‘But first, researchers must perfect schemes for creating spin-aligned currents inside semiconductors, the materials used to make microchips.’
    • ‘Greatly miniaturized robots made of hydrogel might someday shimmy across the surfaces of microchips, acting as tiny delivery carts or movable barriers.’
    • ‘These tiny cylindrical capsules contain microchips with copper coils.’
    • ‘The system works due to hundreds of tiny microchips - invisible to the naked eye - which are contained in a solution painted on the back of a mobile.’
    • ‘Tiny microchips, like the one pictured between two fingers, can be implanted under a pet's skin.’
    • ‘The tiny microchips were developed abroad for intensified monitoring of international terrorists.’
    • ‘Tiny microchips are making people on a huge estate feel more secure by putting burglars off raiding their homes.’
    • ‘The tiny microchip, thinner than a human hair, will initially be used in patients suffering from eye diseases, potentially saving the sight of thousands of people.’
    • ‘The device was, in essence, a tiny sphere with a microchip inside that produced a specific sound.’
    • ‘It is a simple procedure whereby a tiny microchip, about the size of a grain of rice, is inserted under the skin of your pet's shoulder blades by a vet.’
    • ‘The microchip is so tiny that it's just injected into them, and I guess it just lives under the skin.’
    • ‘He envisions the device that would accomplish this as one that would contain mixed-signal (analog and digital) very large-scale integrated microchips.’
    • ‘Components such as transistors on microchips are made of inorganic materials, primarily silicon and silicon dioxide.’
    • ‘Obviously, there is no such thing as a GPS transceiver that can be implanted with a hypodermic needle as a tiny microchip.’
    • ‘But now, scientists have developed a way to make the materials for genes on a microchip in mass quantities, for a fraction of the current cost.’
    • ‘It is inserted in a microchip on which the research engineers have also integrated most of the evaluation electronics.’
    • ‘They'll also examine how humidity affects the surface of silicon, which is used to make microchips and other electronic devices.’
    • ‘Our understanding of its workings is so good that we are able to use it to develop lasers, transistors, microchips, and computers; the whole of our technological society is built upon it in a thousand different ways.’

transitive verbmicrochips, microchipping, microchipped

[with object]
  • Implant a microchip under the skin of (a domestic animal) as a means of identification.

    ‘500,000 owners have had their pets microchipped’
    • ‘We do not want to devote a huge amount of time and attention to expensive databases and microchipping every dog that is with a responsible owner.’
    • ‘The SPCA's rationale for microchipping cats is, that those that are lost could be reunited with their owners.’
    • ‘The charity urges owners to be responsible in helping to prevent the stray dog problem, by neutering and microchipping their dogs.’
    • ‘By neutering and microchipping their dogs, owners can ensure that they do not add to a situation where so many dogs are unwanted.’
    • ‘While NSW pets are microchipped, for the last year the US has been trialling a waterproof bracelet on released inmates which continually tracks them to an accuracy of 1.5 metres.’
    • ‘Ronda said dog owners can get their pets microchipped by local vets for a one-off payment of £20 to £25.’
    • ‘Make sure your cat is microchipped to ensure it can be returned to you if it escapes and becomes lost.’
    • ‘I note the Minister was saying that in a few years' time New Zealand will be glad that all our dogs are microchipped.’
    • ‘Scarborough donkey owner Guy Smith said all his donkeys were microchipped three years ago.’
    • ‘Dog wardens return first-time strays free of charge if the dog is microchipped or wearing a tag.’
    • ‘The SPCA can also organise for animals to be microchipped or tagged.’
    • ‘Most animals can be microchipped, but it is commonly used on dogs, cats and horses.’
    • ‘If we need to microchip dangerous dogs, so be it.’
    • ‘Permanently identify your dog - although the law states a dog must wear a collar and tag, these can get lost or taken off and it is advisable to microchip your pet.’
    • ‘The next issue I wish to talk about is the proposal to microchip dogs.’
    • ‘These days we microchip our pets so that they can be tracked and brought swiftly to justice.’
    • ‘Cats Protection in Swindon is urging pet owners to realise the benefits of microchipping their feline friends.’
    • ‘They had been easier to identify than many of the others as all had been microchipped, the investigating officer said this week.’
    • ‘A licence is only £5 a year and then to tag or microchip your dog doesn't cost much either.’
    • ‘Horses should be microchipped or freeze branded, and owners should make regular checks.’