Definition of microcircuitry in English:



See microcircuit

‘Since the advent of the philosophy of microcircuitry in 1951, great changes have taken place in electronics.’
  • ‘Advances in computers and microcircuitry led to the development of the Boeing AGM - 69A SRAM (short-range attack missile), only 14 feet long and weighing but 2,320 pounds.’
  • ‘As these devices became more adept - thanks to advances in microcircuitry - and more widely accepted, researchers began to investigate if they might also work by tingling the spinal cord or brain.’
  • ‘The brain's microcircuitry was designed to implement these algorithms, so a map of their cognitive structure can be used to bring order out of chaos at the neural level.’



/ˌmīkrōˈsərkətrē/ /ˌmaɪkroʊˈsərkətri/