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  • A small computer that contains a microprocessor as its central processor.

    ‘The microcomputer then selects one of communication systems based on the profile.’
    • ‘In a nutshell, a microcomputer is a small computer that executes software and monitors inputs to control various functions, from something as simple as a window motor to something as complex as a complete engine.’
    • ‘Typically, a community telecentre includes a room in a public and easily accessible place, equipped with 12 microcomputers connected to the Internet, fax and copy machines, printer and scanner.’
    • ‘If you are accustomed to working with microcomputers, you may feel that microcontrollers are tight spots.’
    • ‘I made my modest fortune in the computer field, specifically microcomputers.’
    • ‘Researchers believe that by putting microcomputers into every manmade object in the world, computers could, in a manner of speaking, sense the real world.’
    • ‘But other counterculturalists, including Brand, quickly recognized the potential of the new wave of microcomputers and personal information technology to link individuals and organizations to transform American society.’
    • ‘The Altair 8800 was chosen by two young Harvard University students as the platform for the first microcomputer, Basic interpreter.’
    • ‘Imagine a microcomputer supported by dozens of interface, memory and processor option boards.’
    • ‘Back in the late 1970's and 1980's, powerful microcomputers were incredibly noisy devices that would almost give you a headache if you spent any time using them.’
    • ‘The kits have an autonomous microcomputer that can be programmed with a PC.’
    • ‘Rear Admiral Hopper would tell them to learn everything they could about microcomputers, software and hardware, and to educate their bosses on the subject.’
    • ‘But you were there, and I want to make the point that I know you were one of the pioneers, and that you did play a significant part in the early development of microcomputers.’
    • ‘Although there were no tangible health risks involved in the development of the microcomputer, the strategies for funding research were not wholly unlike from those of the tobacco industry.’
    • ‘He invented the first operating system for microcomputers in the early 1970s, making it possible for hobbyists and companies to build the first personal computers.’
    • ‘Scores and computed data were entered into an IBM-compatible microcomputer of our design.’
    • ‘But I've also been involved since 1976 with microcomputers, the very small computers that are now everywhere; they're inside your cameras, and they're inside tape recorders.’
    • ‘It will also push innovations in microcomputers, mobile phones, optical storage devices, and network services.’
    • ‘Then, in Silicon Valley and Texas in the mid 1970s, the microcomputer was invented.’
    • ‘Recall that the first microcomputers had as little as four kilobytes of memory; people were asking what these simple things could do.’



/ˈmīkrōkəmˌpyo͞odər/ /ˈmaɪkroʊkəmˌpjudər/