Definition of microdensitometer in English:



  • A densitometer for measuring the density of very small areas of a photographic image.

    ‘Vickers Instruments no longer supports their M85 microdensitometer, and spare parts for it are unobtainable.’
    • ‘Modulation values are corrected for the MTF of the microdensitometer for reflection test patterns.’
    • ‘As more sensitive, higher resolution imaging devices are developed for clinical radiology, the microdensitometer could contribute to more accurate treatment planning for complex anatomical regions.’
    • ‘If a film is sensitive to mechanical stress, the microdensitometer can also be used to yield mechanical stress distribution that has been applied to the film.’
    • ‘Then, the responses of the radiographic film and the microdensitometer are evaluated experimentally and modeled in order to obtain the estimated density D as a function of the distance along profile.’
    • ‘All operations of the microdensitometer are controlled by a dedicated PC, network-connected for the transfer of data for later analysis.’
    • ‘Digital images may be generated in a number of ways, including by way of microdensitometers, flying spot scanners, image dissectors, vidicon cameras, and photosensitive solid-state array sensors.’
    • ‘A standard 200 Mhz Pentium-pro PC running linux is used to both control the microdensitometer and perform all the on-line data analysis.’
    • ‘The microdensitometers are delivered to the new building.’
    • ‘Equipment in Austin includes a 16-inch reflector and several smaller telescopes, and a variety of measuring machines and microdensitometers.’
    • ‘When optical-mechanical microdensitometers are used, the highest spatial resolution is obtained, but data capture is often slow.’
    • ‘The plates were digitized using the ST ScI scanning microdensitometers.’
    • ‘The digitization has been carried out using the STScI scanning microdensitometers resulting in a pixel size of 25 micron (15 micron for the second generation DSS2).’
    • ‘Precise microdensitometers with digital output and adequate speed have become commercially available, so that we are now able to convert essentially all of the information from a photographic emnulsion into digital form.’
    • ‘This included participation in a major hardware and software effort to improve the performance of the microdensitometers in order to scan the 2nd generation sky survey plates from Palomar and the AAO, and to start prototyping new algorithms to process and analyze the data.’
    • ‘The scans were made at the Space Telescope Science Institute using the scanning microdensitometers, which are described in Lasker et al… A pixel size of 25 micron with a 50 micron apodized aperture was used throughout.’
    • ‘Scanning these plates with the same nominal resolution using one of the best astronomical digital microdensitometers would be about 8 times longer, and, correspondingly, 8 times more expensive.’
    • ‘Two multi-channel laser-scanning microdensitometers known as the GAMMA machines (Guide Star Automated Measuring Machines) were built at STScI on Perkin-Elmer PDS substrates.’
    • ‘Additionally, Expert has a broad understanding of optical instruments and devices including spectrophotometers, colorimeters, densitometers, light sources, viewing booths, and microdensitometers. electronic imaging technology’



/ˌmīkrōˌdensəˈtämədər/ /ˌmaɪkroʊˌdɛnsəˈtɑmədər/