Definition of microdosing in English:



  • The action or practice of taking or administering very small amounts of a drug in order to test or benefit from its physiological action while minimizing undesirable side effects.

    ‘microdosing would allow tiny amounts of new drugs to be safely given to human volunteers’
    • ‘the author reported increasing use of LSD microdosing by young workers hoping to open the floodgates of creativity’
    • ‘Microdosing has become popular among high-achieving Silicon Valley tech types’
    • ‘The researchers believe that microdosing could be beneficial for more than just improved creativity.’
    • ‘People with chronic depression have benefited from microdosing.’
    • ‘Microdosing allows people to explore their self, surroundings, and others more easily.’
    • ‘Little formal research has been done on microdosing.’
    • ‘Microdosing is a quick fix for some people who struggle with a chemical imbalance in their brain.’
    • ‘Some people found microdosing increased anxiety and mood-instability.’
    • ‘In both experiments, study participants performed significantly better after microdosing.’
    • ‘The researchers hope their findings will encourage more studies into the benefits of microdosing.’
    • ‘The first placebo-controlled study into microdosing began in September at Imperial College London.’



/ˈmīkrōˌdōsiNG/ /ˈmaɪkroʊˌdoʊsɪŋ/