Definition of microenterprise in English:



  • A business operating on a very small scale, especially one with a sole proprietor and fewer than six employees.

    ‘I am proud of America's key role in promoting microenterprise.’
    • ‘Over the past five years, America's average annual funding for microenterprise has been around $155 million.’
    • ‘The future of women's microenterprise is going to be huge.’
    • ‘Its specific engagement with income production tends toward microenterprise promotion with limited funding.’
    • ‘The new products are providing fresh loans after six months and also microenterprise loans.’
    • ‘Following the urban migrants and their struggles, I began researching urban survival strategies and have written three books in Spanish on different types of microenterprise.’
    • ‘This number will increase this year, as we are moving very cautiously at the moment, letting borrowers see how microenterprise loans can be utilized.’
    • ‘Poor and very low-income people who are engaged in microenterprise often need money to fund their businesses, and they often need training and other support.’
    • ‘The Bank project is expected to add 10,000 jobs, while revitalizing microenterprise sales of arts and crafts which presently account for 10 percent of the annual gross domestic product.’
    • ‘We have identified three focus areas - economic development (particularly support for microenterprise development), education and the environment.’
    • ‘They implement a wide variety of projects in agriculture, microenterprise, water and sanitation, and health.’
    • ‘Microenterprise schemes are popping up all over the world as a successful way to help poor entrepreneurs to help themselves.’
    • ‘And while the need for microenterprise capital and training still exceeds existing resources, there has been an explosion in the availability of funds, particularly federal funds, over the last decade.’
    • ‘Microenterprise development is not simply about reaching the poor and tallying numbers; it is about empowering the informal sector and strengthening economies.’
    • ‘Many participants joined the circles seeking the support of other women and were not ready to take out loans; that meant no interest income for the microenterprise agencies.’
    • ‘It creates more jobs than any other industry, provides entrepreneurial opportunities for microenterprise, small and medium-sized enterprises and non-governmental organizations.’
    • ‘Many women are microenterprise owners.’
    • ‘Your ideas of microenterprise savings and credit practices have reached all the corners of the world and the benefits to the millions of small businesses are far beyond measure.’
    • ‘Since then, the state of the practice in microenterprise development has been moved forward by creative practitioners, contentious political battles and dreamers.’
    • ‘She received a microenterprise loan for her grocery shop.’



/ˌmīkrōˈen(t)ərprīz/ /ˌmaɪkroʊˈɛn(t)ərpraɪz/