Definition of microevolution in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmīkrō-evəˈlo͞oSHən/ /-ˌēvə-/ /ˌmaɪkroʊˌɛvəˈluʃən/


  • Evolutionary change within a species or small group of organisms, especially over a short period.

    ‘Resting eggs of planktonic organisms from datable sediment cores are increasingly used to reconstruct historical information on the abundance, size, genetic composition, and microevolution of planktonic organisms.’
    • ‘They already acknowledge microevolution - mutation and natural selection within a species.’
    • ‘The creation science folks accept microevolution but not macroevolution.’
    • ‘Evolutionary biologists debate fiercely about how macroevolutionary change emerges from microevolution.’
    • ‘They also concede Darwin's theory of microevolution: that species may, over time, adapt to suit their environments.’