Definition of microfauna in English:


nounplural noun microfaunas, plural noun microfaunae/-ˈfônē/ /-ˈfänē/

  • Microscopic animals.

    ‘In other words, much of metazoan evolution was cryptic, bound up in tiny animals devoid of skeletons and perhaps surviving as interstitial benthic microfauna.’
    • ‘It is formed from decaying plant roots, leaves, etc. deposited at the surface, and the remains of microflora and microfauna living in the soil.’
    • ‘Diverse crop species encourage soil microfauna, which can help reduce soilborne plant diseases.’
    • ‘Nematodes and other microfauna help boost soil fertility by accelerating decomposition and decay, recycling the nutrients and making them available to plants.’
    • ‘Unlike the fusulinides, lagenides survived both the end-Guadalupian and end-Permian mass extinctions to become dominant elements of the Mesozoic calcareous benthic microfauna.’



/ˈmīkrōfônə/ /ˈmaɪkroʊfɔnə/