Definition of microglial in English:




See microglia

‘The nitration and oxidation injury from the microglial proinflammatory response promotes a vicious cycle of continued oxidative neural injury and microglial activation.’
  • ‘Glial nodules, also called Babes nodes, consist of a small focus of lymphocytes and microglial cells centered on a neuron, and there is often evidence of neuronophagia.’
  • ‘Pathologic findings included cell loss, gliosis, vacuolization, microglial cell proliferation, and perivascular lymphocytic infiltrates; the most severely affected regions were the gray matter of the cervical and lumbar cord.’
  • ‘Pathologically, inflammation of the spinal cord meninges is coupled with varying degrees of underlying spinal necrosis, demyelination, and microglial influx.’
  • ‘Lesions in the cerebral hemispheres and brainstem included perivascular lymphocytes in leptomeninges and parenchyma, with scattered microglial nodules in gray and white matter.’