Definition of micrometry in English:


Pronunciation /mīˈkrämətrē/ /maɪˈkrɑmətri/


See micrometer

‘The connective tissues were measured in their thickest part under light microscopy with ocular micrometry and the results were recorded as micrometers.’
  • ‘Double-star micrometry has always had a significant percentage of amateur observers in its ranks.’
  • ‘In general, this proved too time-consuming - as much as I would have liked to highlight the sometimes poor quality of recent publications with 100-year-old visual micrometry.’
  • ‘The area thus calculated was taken as the size of the cell as it is not possible to obtain cell volume through micrometry.’
  • ‘Several books and review articles focused on micrometry and stereology been published by leading researchers in the field and were utilized as references to prepare the measurement discussions included in the MicroscopyU website.’