Definition of microminiaturize in English:


(British microminiaturise)

Pronunciation /ˌmīkrōˈmin(ē)əCHərīz/ /ˌmaɪkroʊˈmɪn(i)ətʃəraɪz/

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See microminiaturization

‘The BCR2600 series is microminiaturized with built-in decoder, smaller than half the size of a name card.’
  • ‘Abstract Electronic culture microminiaturizes the world of objects, thereby indirectly increasing human values.’
  • ‘TV cameras and computers are microminiaturizing at great rate, and the package will only get smaller.’
  • ‘The technology integrates and microminiaturizes the chemical process on a glass chip just like the same concept of semiconductor integrated circuit.’
  • ‘The pump is further microminiaturized by arranging two semiconductor bodies one above the other in the direction of flow through the pump.’